Preview of some walls from our next art set for level tiles

We’re planning on including 3 different art styles for the level tiles. We may include a 4th since it’s possible to have one art style on one side of a tile, and then flip it over to see a second art style. Since we know we want at least three, it makes sense to include a 4th so we don’t have blank sides of any tiles. Print efficiency is a constant variable we have to keep in mind.This is a preview of 4 walls that are in an outdoor section of Arkhaven.

When it comes to the floors, our plan is to use the same set of level objects for the whole campaign. This means that if you have a treasure chest, for example, one side will be on a stone floor and the other side will be on a dirt floor. This means that the floors, for the whole campaign, have to match dirt or stone in some way. We are adding some significant new details to new floor sets, but the floors will have a dirt or stone base. I’ll show more of what this looks like in a future post.

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