Character Progression: Skills


Skills are obtained by collecting Skill gems that are scattered throughout each level. Skills are extremely valuable treasure that enable characters to perform powerful combat and utility feats.

Once a skill is obtained, the character has it forever and it can be used once per turn, as many times as the player wants according to its rules.

There are over 100 skills divided into 8 schools: Warfare, Cunning, Hunting, Fire, Ice, Nature, Shadow, and Legend.

When a player obtains a skill gem, they must equip it in either an available equip square OR enchant it to an equipped weapon or piece of armor.

Enchanting skill gems allows the player to place the item on top of their weapon or piece of armor of choice and doing so requires characters to spend Treasure of Renown. The primary benefit of enchanting is to free up limited equip squares on a player’s character sheet.


Skills that focus on using might in military hand-to-hand combat.
Warfare skills are equipped on Strength and Constitution rows.


Skills that focus on overcoming enemies through subtle craft and targeting weaknesses.
Cunning skills are equipped on Agility and Charisma rows.


Skills that focus on ranged combat and subduing creatures.
Hunting skills are equipped on Focus and Constitution rows.


Skills that leverage the power of fire in combat to achieve maximum destruction.
Fire skills are equipped on Strength and Intelligence rows.


Skills that leverage the power of Ice for combat and defense measures.
Ice skills are equipped on Constitution and Intelligence rows.


Skills that leverage natural surroundings for combat and crowd control.
Nature skills are equipped on Focus and Charisma rows.


Skills that leverage deception and darkness for combat and covert assistance.
Shadow skills are equipped on Agility and Intelligence rows.


Skills that draw on the knowledge of history and the power of song to subdue enemies.
Legend skills are equipped on all 6 rows based on the legend skill.