Last Updated: May 10, 2019

Are you going to crowd fund Dreamstate on Kickstarter or Indiegogo?
We would like to IF we believe we have the support to be successful. To run a successful campaign and get funded, we need to have a lot of followers and subscribers in our community (like 10,000+). In order to build our community, we need to be making stuff. Making stuff requires time and funding. To get funding…

There’s a bit of the chicken or the egg scenario here, but we are committed to finishing regardless of how long it takes. Once we see how the community responds, we’ll have a better idea about if and when. Getting funded would speed up our timeline, so subscribe to our newsletter and tell your friends!

Is Dreamstate a physical board game?
Yes, it will go to print and be sold in a box. Play testing is done digitally, but the game will be physical.

Will you make a digital version of the game?

How much will Dreamstate cost?
We expect Dreamstate to be on the high end of the market. Afterall, it is called a Megagame. Once we have determined the nature, size, and count of all the assets, we’ll be able to determine a retail price.

When can I buy Dreamstate?
When it’s done. It will depend on a number of factors, but we are eager to continue pushing development.

How long will it take to play all the way through?
We’re aiming for 100 hours or more. The current scope is 25 levels, one level per session. The earlier levels may go a little faster, but the later levels will likely take longer with their increased difficulty.

How big is your team?
Chevas is the inventor/Co-founder, lead designer, and graphic artist. Caleb is a Co-founder and lead author. We’ve also self-funded the hiring of an illustrator, who has been outstanding.

How many game assets / pieces will be in the retail box?
A very rough estimate would be in the low thousands. For comparison, many larger games can have 500-2,000 pieces. The larger war games have upwards of 4,000 and 5,000 pieces. We’ve read of one war game that has 9,000!!

What are your greatest needs at this stage of development?
We could always use donations and we definitely want you to subscribe to our newsletter.

Are you going to make additional character classes?
Yes. We have already begun work on a few, but will delay them for perhaps an expansion. There’s a unique mechanic in the game where the outcome of special encounters will change based on the combination of classes interacting with them. We’re starting with four classes. Adding a 5th or 6th requires a significant amount of redesign, balancing, math, and planning. One does not simply add a class.

I have a different question.
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