Gambit is now Dreamstate

Why did we change the name?

Some of it was technical, but deep down I felt that Dreamstate was more fitting. There was no reference to the name Gambit within the game, especially not in the lore. Dreamstate, however, is central to the game’s story and the blurb What is the Dreamstate? has been on the website since the beginning.

Several years ago when I was thinking about the game, I asked myself:

“What if everyone on this planet all dreamt at the same time? What if they all slept for several days in a row?”

I felt these were unique plot concepts and so I ran with them. The idea that literally everyone fell asleep for days at a time evolved to some people since the entire world sleeping for days at a time might create unforeseen plot holes. Nevertheless, it’s still unique that countless people across the planet always enter the Dreamstate at the same time, once a year.

Magic ability comes from the Dreamstate, but only to a select few. Therefore our magic/skill system is called Dreamstate or Dreamstate Magic. How long a character sleeps in the Dreamstate has a direct impact on their power—the longer they sleep, the more powerful they are. This concept is threaded throughout our story.

Lastly, I was fiddling with making a logo for the potential name change and it turned out way better than I expected.

There you have it.

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