Act 1 Overview & Level Designing Tool

Caleb is nearing completion of writing the overview for Act 1. Having a written overview significantly helps the level design process as it creates a map of where the players are headed during the campaign. We also spent a few hours today reviewing different online tools that would help us to do two things:

  1. Playtest the game online
  2. Create digital versions of the levels we can easily manipulate

We thought of using Roll20, which is a well-known online app in tabletop circles that enables people to play RPG sessions online. However, it has some issues and its primary focus is play, not necessarily design.

Short of developing something in house, we believe we found the right tool that achieves both. It is a white boarding app called Miro, but it’s certainly ahead of the curve when it comes to features and ease-of-use, specifically the desktop app that syncs with the online version.

I spent the rest of the afternoon loading art assets into Miro as I am gearing up to start running online play tests in the somewhat near future. If you would like to join a play test, leave a comment on this post.

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