Lead Author’s Introduction

Hello All,

My name is Caleb. I’m the lead story-writer on Gambit so I mostly work on filling the world with interesting lore. Normally I’ll try to make these updates regularly and talk about what I’ve been working on since the last update, but since this is my first post I’ll talk about both where the lore is right now and I’ll tell you a bit about myself so when I need excuses I have them.

State of the Lore

I’ve already written a good bit about the lore of the world (though I’m still trying to name it; that’s the hardest part because most people in-world just call it ‘the world’, like we do with our world). I think I have somewhere between 7000 and 10000 words written about it, though all of it needs heavy editing at this point. I try to write a couple thousand words per week on Gambit if I have time.

Most of the lore thus far is stories which explain the current distribution of power and nations in the world at present. They focus on a war a bit over a thousand years before the game is set where two immense world powers fought each other to ruin. Turon rose from the rubble of Alkara, and a thousand years later Gambit is based mainly in Turon.

These stories give an overview of the ideals and legends in Turon. Once I finish up with them, I’m moving into more recent history to explain the current state of the world, both in general and within Turon.

Having compelling stories is important to make any world feel alive and interesting. A world without mythos is flat.

I’m also involved in the design of mechanics, but to a much lesser extent than Chevas is.

State of the Caleb

Now onto the personal stuff, so now’s your chance to stop reading if you really don’t care.

I’m a physics graduate student currently living in Michigan. That mostly means that I spend the vast bulk of my time researching, doing homework, or teaching classes.

What that means for Gambit is that most weeks I will have plenty of time to write and work on things, but there will be weeks when I simply don’t have time to get anything done. When that happens I’ll still try to post, if for no other reason than so you know I’m not dead and haven’t forgotten my login info, but not all of my posts will be the treasure troves of insight you might (unnecessarily) demand of me.

I’m also married. My wife’s name is Lauren, and she’s also a graduate student. That means that she’s also immensely busy all the time (often more than I am), so there will be weeks where instead of writing I need to spend time with her. Usually on those weeks I’ll also have time to do some writing, if not much, but it will vary.

We also have a cat named Cremini (like the mushroom). He won’t take time away from Gambit but I just wanted to mention him because he’s adorable and insane.

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